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Do you have a full gear set that is not yet listed on this page?
Or maybe the current picture is of low quality and you can provide a better looking one?

Here is what you can do:

1. Take a screenshot of a complete gear set

- 1080p and up preferred
- As few UI elements as possible
- No paint patterns, engravings or symbols
- For armor please create a front and a back view

2. Upload the image to a site like

3. Send me the hero, name of the gear, rarity and link to the image

Hero: Warden, Name: Guimond, Rarity: Heroic, Image:
(it doesn't have to be this exact format, it's just there so you know what information I need in general)

Send to:
My reddit post OR E-Mail OR visit the forum thread

!!!Any help in completing this collection for the whole For Honor community is very much appreciated!!!

Shoutout to /u/SplitVision for helping me with this and for creating the gear index on /r/ForFashion which gave me the initial idea for this website :)